What is Biostatistics and what does a Biostatistician do?

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Published: 10th April 2010
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A basic explanation of Biostatistics would be the application of statistics to a range of subject areas in biology. The study of Biology is the study of living things and statistics is made up of analysis and tracking of data. Biostatistics aims to use statistics to combat problems in biomedical and public health research.

A Biostatistician would be involved with carrying out research, devising experiments, and providing an in depth analysis of all results. This is a great opportunity to make a difference because by carrying out this crucial research, a Biostatistician can make a difference to health care and public health.

The application of Biostatistics can directly contribute to the success of a wide range of Biology experiments. Specific data must be gathered before the experiment takes place, during the experiment and results must be analysed and summarised afterwards. It is important for anyone wishing to become a Biostatistician to have a strong mathematical awareness and the ability to interpret highly complex statistical data.

Biostatisticians have the opportunity to contribute to several different areas. For example they might work in places such as health organisations, government agencies, universities, and even private companies. They can be responsible for monitoring things like the spread of disease and try to establish the cause in order to protect the remaining population.

Any aspiring Biostatistician must make sure that they gain a large amount of recognised qualifications and training in Science, Maths and Statistics. Most employers will require a masters degree or a PhD. The journey to becoming a Biostatistician can be long, but it can prove to be a very rewarding and well paid career.

Some of the personal requirement required to be successful in this role are things like being very intelligent and innovative, good at working under pressure, good speaking skills and the ability to work well as part of a team.

Most companies hiring Biostatisticians will work hard to form a talented team of statistical and bio statistical functional consultants with substantial industry experience and a very strong understanding of the technical arena. Companies looking to take on professional Biostatisticians will make sure that they hire highly qualified professionals for ongoing assignments.

Biostatistics is a billion dollar industry, mainly because it plays such an important part in improving human health and increasing knowledge of public health issues. The Biostatistics industry is mainly funded by the government and the pharmaceutical industry.

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