Personal Qualities Needed To Be An Outplacement Consultant

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Published: 24th March 2010
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Termination is an inevitable occurrence in businesses, companies, and industries. It is more often than not, that people are terminated because of a number of factors including under performance and economic recession. However for more humanitarian reasons, companies who are experiencing economic difficulties resort to outplacement rather than termination.

Outplacement may in fact be one of the most effective ways of downsizing because in a way, it addresses the chances of litigation. As such, most companies employ the services of outplacement consultants, not only in preparation for downsizing, but for personal improvement of the employees as well.

Dealing with career transitions is never an easy job. Even before the word is out, people have personal biases with these types of activities. Since re-orienting employees to the job market is a part of an outplacement consultant's job, practical and psychological supports are needed. In order to deliver outplacement activities effectively, there are some personal qualities that are needed of outplacement consultants.

One of these personal qualities is patience. An outplacement consultant is required to be patient. This is practically because the people that they are dealing with are basically people who are 'threatened' of losing their jobs. A certain degree of patience has to be especially exerted in outplacement counseling. Outplacement consultants can prepare for counseling sessions by expecting the worst. With this, they can react better in any situation that might arise from any outplacement activities.

Another quality is optimism. It is definitely true that energies are contagious. Such that if outplacement consultants are optimistic, the energy of optimism transfers and radiates to the other people as well. In effect, the idea of a possible job loss is taken more lightheartedly. Moreover, optimism gives the employees hope of finding another job. In addition, it gives them the confidence to seek for new jobs.

On the other hand, outplacement consultants need to be skilled.
Addressing the issue of termination and career shift is sensitive. In fact it takes a lot of skills, knowledge, and training to effectively achieve the purpose of outplacement counseling and consultancy. This means that specific skills should be possessed by consultants in delivering advices and counseling sessions. One of the most important skills is communication skills. Outplacement consultants should possess good communication skills in order to correctly and appropriately relay to the employees the message that needs to be sent across.

Finally, outplacement consultants should possess sincerity. The least that these consultants could do to employees who are in the verge of losing their jobs is to be honest and sincere. It is important for outplacement consultants to establish a trust between them and the employees. Trust can only be earned if sincerity is established as well.

Career Transition Specialists make some of the most effective Outplacement Consultants.

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