How To Write The Perfect Head Chef CV

Published: 01st March 2010
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In applying as a chef, one of the nicest things about it is that you can actually establish a level of expertise and competency. While it is true that there are probably thousands of chefs out there, the level of competency and expertise vary from person to person.
A culinary arts degree is not practically enough in judging the best chef to hire, but rather the experiences that one was able to gain through various jobs. The diploma is just the first step of getting the job, while work experiences get you to the job itself.

For head chefs vacancies, a lot more is required than the ordinary chef. With the head chef position, you are not only required to cook well, but to be able to manage people well also. Moreover, there are still a number of other responsibilities that are required of a head chef. However, despite all these, many are applying for the job vacancy. What does it take to win a head chef position? How will you garner the favor of the employer? The most important thing that you should do is prepare a curriculum vita that is going to win it all.

Before writing down your curriculum vitae, it is vital to choose the style that you will be using. There are three resume styles that are generally accepted, and these are the functional resume, chronological resume, and combination resume. Each of these types have certain characteristics and in a way, works to a certain advantage.

The functional resume is the recommended style for chefs who do not have much work experiences yet. This is so because, with this resume style, you are expected to write more on what you know, rather than what you have done. Therefore, this style focuses more on the skills and educational attainment.

On the other hand, the chronological style focuses on work experiences. This resume style practically requires a detailed historical account of past work experiences. Contrary to the functional style, this focuses more on the roles that you have played as a chef in various kitchens, rather than the recipes that you know.

Finally, the most successful resume style is the combination. It is considered successful because it is the most preferred both by applicants and employers. Aside from this, the combination style starts with a functional format and is followed by a chronological format. In this manner, all of the important details pertaining to your qualifications as a head chef are highlighted. This resume presentation is also more convenient and easier to read through.

You should remember that the rest of the details of your perfect curriculum vitae will all just flow through as long as you have decided on the specific style to use.


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