How To Write The Perfect Food Industry CV

Published: 01st March 2010
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So you want to work in the food industry? There are a variety of jobs waiting for you. Some of the most prestigious are buyer and assistant buyer jobs. This work in the food industry carries with it great responsibility. After all, you are a gateway between consumers and producers. You can bring quality food to potential customers, helping to nourish the world around you while also growing your business and your stature within the company. But before you land one of these buyer or assistant buyer jobs, you must look your best: first, on paper; last, in person. Here are five things you must remember if you plan to write the perfect food industry CV, so you can get on with the business of impressing potential employers in person:

Evaluate your experience: Everyone has to start somewhere. Where did your relevant experience begin? You don't have to list every responsibility you've had no matter how minuscule. Stick only with the responsibilities that are relevant in some way to the job. Think hard. You'll be surprised at what you can come up with.

List relevant educational background: Perhaps your education holds with it some relevancy to the buyer or assistant buyer jobs available. Don't forget to include it. This doesn't have to be college only. If you were enrolled in a program such as a culinary arts school, be sure to include it. Don't leave out a single credential!

Provide work experience: Have you ever worked in the food industry before? Perhaps at a lower level, but still in a position where you could earn the relevant experience that set you down the right path? Write it down!

Include any food-related skills and honours: Did you ever win any competitions for cooking? Maybe you've had previous buyer experience? Do you love to cook? It goes back to the evaluation period. You will be shocked to find some of the honours and skills you have hiding in your background, especially if a buyer's responsibilities or working with food has ever appealed to your sense of passion.

Know thy references: Do not include references, but certainly have them set up in the event you are asked for them. Keep names, phone numbers, addresses, and employment positions for all references on 1-2 additional sheets of paper. On your actual CV, note that references are available upon request. You don't want to overburden potential employers with paper. Do your work on the CV, and they will want to see your references.

If you have always been interested in buyer or assistant buyer jobs within the food industry, then start making your CV the best that it can be. Pay attention to the details above, and you'll be heading to that interview in no time, dressed to impress and ready for success!


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