Different types of Food Jobs

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Published: 12th April 2010
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One of the most familiar roles in the Food Industry is a Chef. It can very popular and exciting but what most people don't realise is that it can be very hard work and Chefs are often expected to work long hours. If you are lucky enough to become a fully fledged Chef then you will have the opportunity to learn and master special ingredients, portion control, stock take and gain an awareness of health and safety in the kitchen.

There are certain standard techniques that any Chef must learn in order to survive the Food Industry. However, once the basics have been mastered then real creativity and flair can be unleashed in the kitchen. Many Chef Jobs provide the opportunity to be really creative and innovative in the creation of new recipes and exciting dishes for the menu.

Some of the core skills for being a Chef include creativity, teamwork, organization and a heightened sense of taste. Some of the more experienced Chefs have the ability to discover very subtle flavours which can make or break a dish.

Pastry Chef

Once you have spent some time developing your career in the Food Industry as a Chef, you will be come aware of the different jobs available. You may want to start to specialise in a particular area where you feel you can apply your skills appropriately. Becoming a Pastry Chef is a great way to do this and if it something you particularly enjoy then there are lots of opportunities to excel.

Pastry Chefs work in a wide range of different environments such as restaurants, cafes, hotels and bakeries. It is up to the candidate to choose the most suitable place to work in. Some of the main responsibilities of a pastry Chef include ordering new ingredients, planning and designing new dishes and performing research into creative techniques and dished.

Head Chef

Far from the comfort of a private kitchen at home, a Head Chef has to oversee a large group of staff that work in a restaurant kitchen.

Head Chefs are responsible for running the entire kitchen and producing food that is of the highest standard. You need a lot of experience in order to become a Head Chef. It certainly helps if you can establish a good reputation and make an impact on the food industry.

They must adhere to strict health and safety guidelines and inspect the hygiene quality of the food in the restaurant. They need to be very organised and have the ability to pay attention to detail in order to deliver the highest quality food to customers.

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