Different roles for Chefs in the Catering Industry.

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Published: 19th March 2010
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Chefs must master both standard and creative techniques in order to bring high quality food to their customers. To become a chef you must go through a significant amount of training in order to reach the required industry standard and develop their own unique techniques within the trade. Some of the core skills for being a Chef include creativity, teamwork, organization and a heightened sense of taste. Some of the more experienced Chefs have the ability to discover very subtle flavours which can make or break a dish.

Kitchen Manager

A career in kitchen management involves supervising kitchen staff, making sure staff are cooking and performing to high standards, doing health and safety checks and keeping the kitchen clean and organised. Some of the tasks that a kitchen manager would oversee are things like food preparation, inventory, cleaning and any special events taking place. The kitchen manager is responsible for all the staff who work in the kitchen. They need to be very organised and have the ability to pay attention to detail in order to deliver the highest quality food to customers.

Assistant chef

An Assistant Chef works directly under the supervision of a Head Chef and provides assistance and support in all aspects of food preparation and delivery. This role offers the opportunity to learn about special ingredients, portion control, stock take, and an awareness of health and safety in the kitchen. Anyone looking to become an Assistant Chef needs to have a keen interest in catering as well as a fair amount of experience in a similar role.

Commis Chef

Taking on the role of a Commis Chef provides a step into the Catering Industry. It is a very basic role which requires a large amount of hard work and mundane tasks to be completed. It is purely an entry level position where you will learn the basics of the industry.

Pastry Chef

A Pastry Chef takes over a specific area of the kitchen where they make breads, puddings, pastries. A Pastry Chef can work inn a large range of environments such as bakeries, hotels, restaurants and Cafes. A Pastry Chef is required to order new ingredients, plan and design new dishes and perform research into creative techniques and dishes.

Head Chef

A head Chef is a highly important role in any restaurant. Their decisions and creative flair can lead to a restaurant being a success or failure. They need to know how to please customers as well as present them with new and exciting dishes. Every member of staff in the kitchen must report to the Head Chef. Some of the main decision that a Head Chef has to undertake are deciding the menu, how often the menu changes, the size of portions and the specials for the day.

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