An outline of some of the most common and unusual customer complaints to airline contact centres

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Published: 21st April 2010
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Firstly, lets look at the most common airline complaints that contact centre staff are faced with on a daily basis.

A great deal of people get frustrated with missing connecting flights which disrupts their travel plans and potentially looses them money and valuable holiday time. It is fairly easy to sympathise with this issue because it is usually entirely the airlines fault. However, if the passenger has made a mistake with connection times and not allowed a big enough gap between flights then they don't have a leg to stand on.

Another common complaint is the bad service delivered by airport desk staff, flight attendants and booking staff. This is a complaint that airlines have to deal with in great numbers on a regular basis and something that they should strive to reduce. Airline staff should deliver a first class service and deal with problems in a professional manor to try to persuade customers to consider using their airline again.

Lengthy check in procedure complaints is something that poses a problem to airlines and it is a very common complaint. If passengers end up consistently waiting for a long period of time to check in then they are likely to move to another airline.

Lastly, a large amount of complaints are about expensive air fares. Airlines strive to deliver competitive prices but air fares will not go down without a decision being made by head office, so call centre staff have to deal with these complaints as best they can.

Now that we have established some of the most common and mundane airport complaints it is time to address the comical ones. Passengers can come up with a whole host of reasons in order to attempt to get their money back. Below are just a handful of weird and unusual complaints.

It has been known for passengers to make complaints such as the aircraft 'handles funny.' This is a very strange way of suggesting that the pilot did not fly the plane very smoothly. Despite this being an understandable concern for passengers, they need to be aware that it is sometimes unavoidable.

Another fairly comical complaint that some airline companies have had to try to deal with is the concern that there were 'Bugs on the aircraft window.' This relates to similar complaints such as a 'suspected crack in the aircraft window.' To be fair passengers have a right to be worried about this but a lot of the time it is not a significant threat to the general running of the airplane.

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